Delete the shader folder, make sure the "use vulkan pipeline cache" and "async shader compilation" options are checked.

in yuzu you click file > open yuzu folder.

Vulkan renderer doesn't save a cache file yet, whenever you start the game you need to recache all the shadders, but at least it's lot faster than opengl. org/ to get the original links, and then download the shader cache.

Links for keys, firmware, switch games and shaders at the end of the post.

Exit; Launch the game again using a command line.

0. Reply. My GPU is an AMD rx5700xt.

Never fully delete them, because you can't get them back without manually rebuilding them by playing the game.

Log File. 0. It’s recommended to delete all of them if you recently changed.

. Hope that helps.


They depend on having the same hardware.

You will be prompted to select a folder. it should be like: AppData\Roaming\yuzu\shader.

My GPU is an AMD rx5700xt. (Your user folder should now contain a load folder and keys folder) Setup your game directory (where you have your ToTK rom) and make sure.



Heres my LOG: yuzu_log.

. Unzip/Install Yuzu and open the yuzu folder and create a folder named user (case sensitive). Hope that helps.

You can find an updated guide here. yuzu_log. I'm sorry. Im running yuzu Early Access 347. I had this problem. .


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Loading into a game for the first time can give long freezes due to the number of shaders.

EDIT: i just needed to run the game first.


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