She inhabits Sublevel 1.

The are attached to light, and will destroy any light sources they see, if they can.

0/). The sole silhouette-like humanoid entity of Level 974: Kitty's House.

Smilers, also known as The Smiling Things or The Night Hunters, are treacherous entities that roam most of The Backrooms' levels.

These entities only appear in dark corners.

. Entity 3, also known as. mrbob6667 • 8 mo.

Uncommon: The entity is found on at least a dozen levels.

May 9, 2022 · Backrooms Entity 3: Smiler (Fandom) Smilers are hostile entities, recognizable by their signature reflective eyes and gleaming teeth. Entity Number: 3 Habitat - Majority of Levels Smilers are generally hostile, and there have been many confirmed sightings of them. Smilers have two forms of behavior: Hunting;.

Both Smilers can drop a Smiler Tooth with a 1/10 chance of it dropping, which. LIKE & SUBSCRIBE to Backrooms Animated Channel Today! / @stretchbackrooms.

Smilers 'Entity 3" | The Backrooms is the Backrooms Explained video of the Smilers from the backrooms.

The Wanderer is a highly dangerous entity.

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. Smilers are an inscrutable species of mysterious entities simply identifiable by their crooked smile of softly luminescent white teeth, along with a pair of circular eyes.

The nature of each entity type varies greatly, though most stray far from the familiar creatures we.


The only distinguishable features of Smilers are their beady eyes and the enormous grins carved across their faces — the only things which reflect light.

Speculations, artistic depictions, and proposals regarding the true physical appeara. Rare: The entity is found on less than 5 levels. It cashed me around for a bit.

. The Smiler is a big, tall, dark humanoid entity with an abnormal body structure, it is also harder to hit because of how it moves. G. . . Wandering too far into Level 5’s Boiler will land you in Level 6, “Lights Out.


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Both Smilers can drop a Smiler Tooth with a 1/10 chance of it dropping, which.

They're always smiling.

If you want to survive these monsters and beasts, you’re.

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